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The office of Equity Cash provides both long and short-term loans on your residential or commercial equity in Calgary, Alberta with no money up front. Because we are a mortgage company and direct lender; this makes the transaction quicker.

When Banks Say No, We Say Yes!

Unlike other lenders, we don’t charge upfront fees and no appraisal is required. Our staff can add on 2nd or 3rd mortgage loans. We make decisions fast and are able to advance your money today if need be. We welcome seniors, the self-employed, mobile home owners and the unemployed to apply.

What Can I Use A Home Equity Loan For?

A home equity loan is a loan where you use your own home as collateral. They can be used to finance such things as major home repairs or renovations, medical bills, or a college education. This type of loan can often be used to refinance your home and improve its value through repairs and renovations. That makes it a useful tool for homeowners looking to make large home improvements that increase the home’s value in the end.

If you have credit problem, they’re no problem for us! Call Equity Cash today.

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