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Car titles loans use your vehicle to secure the loan. The amount of the loan can vary according to your needs, as well as the market value of your vehicle. Short and long-term loans are available for up to 5 years and up to $40,000. You can get money immediately on your car and still drive it.

The type of vehicle does not matter. As long as the vehicle is fully paid for and has the right mileage and year, we can help you secure a vehicle title loan. This includes the following vehicles:

  • RVs
  • Semis
  • Motor homes
  • All kinds of vehicles!

Equity Cash is one of the most experienced car title loan lenders in North America. We have thousands of happy customers, and most of them become repeat customers. With no hidden fees, a car title loan through Equity Cash is a smart idea. Call the Equity Cash office today and find out about our affordable monthly repayment plan.

Vehicle Title Loan/Car title Loan

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